What Does #FF Mean?

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At Lily Jones Social Media Management we get asked this question a lot. It is one of those handful of abbreviations often used on Twitter that seems to confuse new users, which is a shame of course as interacting on Twitter with other tweeters is a great way building relationships and future friends.

I remember the very first time I ever saw a #FF message on Twitter. My personal Twitter feed was simply littered with them but I really could not figure out what it all meant. I felt left out – was it a cult following that nobody had told me about? What was this mysterious #FF? How do I get a #FF? Left me wondering what was I missing out on?!

Simple Guide to #FF

The hash tag #FF is short for #FollowFriday. It first made an appearance on Twitter back in 2009 by Twitter users around the world and has been trending every Friday since.

A #FF is a shout out, a show of appreciation to a fellow Tweeter, a nice thing to do on a Friday setting you up for the weekend. Each Friday you recommend another Twitter profile showing that you appreciate and enjoy what they are all about to all of your followers. The idea is that your #FF recommendation on Twitter will encourage other Tweeters to check out the profile of the recipient, generating more followers for them. See? We told you its a nice thing to do to those who you follow and is a customary Friday activity that you should participate in.

The best ways to use #FF or #FollowFriday

If you want to send someone who you appreciate a #FF, simply add the hash tag #FF (or the hash tag #FollowFriday) to your Twitter message, along with the @name of the person or company you are recommending with a genuine reason for your recommendation. For example:






And if like us at Lily Jones Social Media Consultants & thanks to Andy Davis of 4D Marketing tweet “social media training goddesses”, join in the #FF craze, then you never know where it may lead with the appreciation.

#FF Retweet





Now you know all about #FollowFriday, who will you be showing your appreciation for today?