Twitter Allows Users To Tag Photos

Written by lilyjones on . Posted in Twitter Management, Twitter Marketing

A new mobile update is due…. Twitter is getting more social savvy and is incorporating a new feature which let’s us tag people in photos! WoooHoooo not only this but also we’ll be able to add up to 4 photo’s per tweet!

This new Twitter update will allow us to tag up to 10 people in a photo, and guess what… tagging doesn’t affect your character count in the tweet! So we’ll be able to tag our friends (who’ll each get notification of the tag) and we’ll STILL have our precious 140 characters. If this isn’t exciting enough…. we can also add up to 4 photos per tweet! Adding 4 photo’s to a tweet will automatically create a collage, then we can tap on any photo to view in full, and swipe to see the rest.

How to add Tags to Photos

You can adjust notifications as well as who can and can’t tag you in photos via your Twitter Marketing settings.

Tag Photos


Security and Privacy

Photo Tagging – Allow anyone to tag me in photos

- Only allow people i follow to tag me in photos

- Do not allow anyone to tag me in photos

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