Taming The Social Media Beast With TRG Pest Control

Written by TRG Pest Control on . Posted in Lily Jones

The guys over at Love Southport and Lily Jones have asked us here at TRG Pest Control to write a Guest Blog on what the weekly Ladder Times mean to us as a company and we were more than happy to get involved!

TRG Pest Control is a fairly young business, we’ve been a registered company for 9 months now, although we’ve only been trading since September 2013. Despite this business has really taken off and most of it has come from us using and interacting with other local businesses over our social media marketing accounts and a lot of those businesses have found us on the weekly Facebook Marketing Ladder Time that Love Southport run.


Each week the TRG Pest Control Team here in the office set their alarms to go off 10 minutes before the Ladder is due to happen and as soon as we know it’s up we rush to start interacting. There are so many businesses out there that you’re unaware even exist before you’ve taken part in a Ladder! Obviously it’s great for companies such as TRG Pest Control because we can scroll through and engage other businesses in conversation about what we do  and what we can offer. On other platforms this is really difficult to do (we don’t know whether you’ve noticed, but Pest Control isn’t the sexiest of things to try and sell!).

Not only are the weekly Ladder Times wonderful for making new business contacts, but it’s a place to settle down after working all day, grab something to drink and have a natter with other business owners from the local area. It’s all really friendly and everybody is really supportive. It makes it known that a business of your type is in the local area and means that people are more likely to chose to work with you than go to a larger, national company.

It’s about time we start supporting small and local – and that’s why TRG Pest Control enjoys and supports Love Southport Ladder Time!

The TRG Pest Control Team