Twitter Social Media Courses

Twitter’s growth is nothing short of phenomenal. It now boasts over 550 million users worldwide, with 200 million described as ‘active’….not only is it rather a lot, but it’s growing by the minute.

Its power is the immediacy of the message, transmitted to millions of users around the world in seconds. Now which other medium could do it that well, that quickly, for a next to zero cost?

Powerful it is. Effective it can be, but to make the very best use of Twitter understanding how to harness its power of social media marketing, is key to its success. That’s where our #twitterschool social media courses come into their element.

So if you’re not sure now what the difference is between an RT and an MT then don’t worry, the social media experts at Lily Jones will have you fully conversant and down with the kids in no time at all. Well, in less than four hours to be more precise.

Our Twitter social media courses arms you with the knowledge, tools and tips to take full control of your Twitter presence with everything from the initial account and profile set-up to list building, tweet scheduling to participation in networking hours, to cultivating relationships and new business generation.

With detailed discussions and practical examples of social media strategies, promoted post campaigns and much, much more, you’ll soon be the social media experts within your own business and Twitter as a valuable weapon in your communication armoury.

“I was a little sceptical about social media courses. How wrong! Attending Lily Jones’ #twitterschool has transformed the way I think about Twitter and how I use it for my business. I now have a Twitter strategy, a range of network hours I participate in, I’ve grown my followers, built relationships and have already generated a significant level of new business.Twitter is a must for any business owner and Lily Jones are just brilliant. “

Tony French, A French Plumbing & Heating Ltd

“We attended the Lily Jones Twitter School to get us up to speed with this aspect of social media. The session was great – very informative and fun. Oh, and plenty of cupcakes. Taking part meant that we were able to hit the ground running with confidence and start tweeting without fear of making silly mistakes. Sarah is an excellent coach – extremely pleasant and approachable. We would recommend the Lily Jones Twitter School to all businesses looking to set out down the social media road. ”

Cliff Juniper of Hesketh Designs Ltd

To book on to one of our open Twitter social media training courses with Eventbrite click on the link or please contact us to discuss a tailored Twitter training course.