Social Media Training

If you’re looking to learn how to use social media then you’ve definitely come to the right place!

We spend a good 40% of your normal working day developing and delivering social media training courses to keen (and some not so keen at the beginning) business owners and staff.

Lily Jones Twitter TrainingSome delegates arrive brimming with confidence, with experience of social media marketing and the latest smartphone; yet others have barely heard of Twitter and Facebook let alone how a robust social media strategy can transform your business (and take over your entire life)*.

It’s not about what you know when you arrive, but when you leave one of our social media training sessions that really matters. ‘Buzzing’, ‘enthused’, ‘inspired’, ‘blown away’ are just some of the comments we’ve received over the past month from course graduates.

We cater (yum, yum) for a wide variety of delegate experiences and backgrounds, either through our ‘open to all’ sessions booked through Eventbrite or through your own tailored training course.

Lily Jones Facebook TrainingOur starting point is always to help you to understand how to use social media and harness its power to meet your objectives….and we take it from there at a steady pace. No prizes for racing off ahead in our courses – in fact you’re more likely to get the first round in. Whatever your needs, we’ll meet them and exceed your expectations.

Any time, any place, any where….well almost!
Our place, your place or any scintillating venue with a great Wi-Fi connection and copious amounts of coffee fits the bill perfectly. Working with a range of clients across the counties of Lancashire, Merseyside, Cheshire, Staffordshire and Shropshire there’s no shortage of great venue options we can suggest.

If you bring your laptops and thirst for learning (and coffee) and we’ll bring our years of social media expertise and a large tin of cupcakes.

Whether it’s Twitter or Facebook, Lily Jones social media services can help you with your social media training.
* Social media is addictive. Professional help should be sought in the case of addiction.