Twitter Setup & Marketing Services

Twitter is big business!

Not just because of the 550 million accounts, 220 million active users or 60 million tweets each day but because businesses, small, medium and large are using Twitter to build their brands, spread their messages and build relationships with customers, consumers and suppliers.

Estimates suggest around 40% of Twitter users ‘watch’ tweets – see, understand and digest the messages, but don’t actually tweet themselves.

In 2013 can any business not have a Twitter presence? We believe it’s an absolute must.

As a social media marketing agency Lily Jones pride ourselves on offering social media marketing services that meet (and exceed, we always strive to exceed) our Client’s initial and on-going requirements.

Twitter Management, an odd term you may think – and you’re 100% right, it is a little odd. But what’s really important is what it means? What social media marketing services does it cover?

The honest answer is two-fold; the initial account set-up and then the on-going management.

Social Media Marketing Services Offered

Account set-up
Setting up the profile can be a daunting experience especially grappling with some of the terminology and having both the technical know-how and confidence to know you’re doing it correctly.

It’s bread and butter for a social media marketing agency such as Lily Jones, as we work through the numerous tabs setting-up the following:

  • Profile picture
  • Biography
  • Header image & background image
  • Design theme
  • Email notification settings
  • Mobile notification settings
  • Links to Facebook

We offer discounts for multiple Twitter account set-ups within the same organisation – for example for different brands, products or personnel within the company or multiple companies within a group structure.

On-going management
Depending upon the level of social media services chosen by the Client, we offer two package types:

Scheduled tweets
Tweets are written and scheduled, according to the agreed brief, using a trusted and proven platform. The tweets are either scheduled manually, to coincide with specific dates or times of the post or the auto-schedule function is selected.

Fully managed Twitter interaction
When tweets are posted, either scheduled or at the present time, under the Client’s name or brand, Lily Jones responds to the replies, questions or comments from fellow tweeters – effectively engaging in an online Twitter conversation.

The immediacy of the response in these instances is important to the Client’s company or brand and regarded as good Twitter etiquette.

Building relationships and engaging in this manner helps to boost followers and, in many cases, create business opportunities.

For a social media marketing agency you can trust to deliver, contact us to see how we can boost your social media presence and deliver a fantastic ROI.