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Lily Jones Social Media Services

Lily Jones Social Media Services

Garlic Bread…the future… it might have been once but time has moved on! The future most definitely belongs to Social Media, which is just as well as that’s what we specialise in here at Lily Jones.

We love all things social media: we think it, we breathe it, we live it.

It’s our all-consuming passion 24/7 except for the occasional, and very well deserved, Friday flute!

Our growing range of social media services has developed organically over the past 18 months, driven by an understanding of and response to the needs (and constraints) of local business owners. We can’t all do everything all of the time – and when there’s social media specialists on your doorstep why would you need to?

Social media marketing is a core service we provide to in excess of 50 clients, across five Midlands and North West counties – each tailored to the Client’s company, sector and target audience.

Our Social Media Services

Each social media management package is specifically designed once we’ve gained a thorough insight into our Client’s:

  •  Company and market sector
  •  Business & marketing strategies
  •  Short, medium & long term objectives
  •  Brand, its values and personality
  •  Products / services
  •  Target audience
  •  Competitors

This insight, generated with the assistance of pre-prepared conversation-based stimulus materials, enables us to discuss, propose and deliver the ideal social media service package.

‘Management’ is a key word for us – we set objectives with our Clients for the social media management activity on a monthly basis against a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), using a suite of social media tools to collect, collate and report a wealth of different statistics.

Ranging from the initial account set-up to a full-blown social media management campaign and social media SEO, there’s nothing our team of social media specialists can’t do in either Twitter or Facebook.