The Dos & Donts of Social Media Marketing for Business

Written by lilyjones on . Posted in Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing for business is essential for every company large or small. It’s how we use it thats defines how effectively it works. Here’s a few dos and don’t to help you on the right track and find your social media feet.

Do have a strategy, plan and in-house

Every business is different, therefore every social media strategy is going to be unique. Spend time of your strategy and make a plan to stay true to your brand and showcase that online.

Do monitor and report

You’ll never know what works if you don’t try different things. Monitor trends and keywords and utilise analytics to report results. Share these results will your team and don’t forget to adapt your social media plan to suit.

Do tailor your content to suit each network

Every social media marketing network is different and some have their own ‘jargon’. Tailor your content to suit e.g. Hashtags work really well on Twitter and Google+, Visuals are a much for Facebook and Pinterest, LinkedIn is most suited to business related content. Add value to your brand and think about how you conduct yourself across each network.

Do know your audience and build relationships

Social media marketing is all building your brand, retaining your customers and clients and generating demand of your product or service. Learn about your audience, build relationships and most of all LISTEN to them. If you can do this you’ll reap the benefits of social loyalty and word of mouth. Your audience WILL become a extension of your marketing team.

Do share and add value

Everyone has something to share. Blogging is a great way to do this, share articles across your social media channels to direct traffic to your blog or website. Sharing news and tips about specific things relevant to your business will brand you an expert in your field. What you waiting for?…

Don’t let your employees run free – have a social media policy

If you employee people chances are they use social media to some degree. Do you know how they are conducting themselves online? Do they understand the importance of their online activity in relation to your business? They Should… It is VERY important you have a social media policy in place and make sure your employees know about it and understand their roles whether or not they are linked to your online business identity.

Don’t take short cuts

Now i’m all for using social media automation but you have to do it right! Social media is 24/7, its’ unacceptable to automate and forget. If you are going to use automation tools then it’s vital you have notification alerts set, so as your audience isn’t left hanging! Actual engagement and response is crucial for building your online credibility. Stick to it and you can’t fail!

Don’t be selfish

It’s not all about YOU! Don’t be selfish, social media is no hard sell! I see so many businesses jump into social media expecting great results yet all they talk about is themselves. If all your social media streams show updates about your business or posts asking others to do things for you! You’re being selfish and aren’t playing the game.

Don’t be afraid

Last but least… so many business owners turn up to my social media training classes frightened to death about the bad press and the repercussions of potentially jumping into the world of social media. The worst thing you can do is NOT be on social media! With so many tools available for monitoring social media activity now, you have the insight and ability when needed to evaluate and respond as necessary. Get yourself out there!

In my opinion if you stop doing the don’ts and start doing to dos, you social media marketing whether it be Twitter Marketing, Facebook Marketing or any other, it will grow and develop. Keep it social, fun and friendly and everyones happy!