Social Media Management

Social Media ManagementThere’s no doubting that social media management is a growth business. We need look no further than our own daily enquiries and new Client sign-ups to see the increased focus businesses of all shapes and sizes are placing on all things social media and its role in improving search engine optimisation.

Why Do You Need Social Media Management?

So why is social media management proving to be so popular now? Well social media platforms themselves are increasing; with Google +, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, LinkedIn and Pinterest – that’s six for starters. With businesses slowly extending their activity into more and more platforms, many are finding they need the profile but can’t spare the time and that’s where we come into the equation.

Put simply social media management frees your time to do the activities that you do best, leaving us to do what we do best – namely ensuring that your social media presence is constant, on-brand, reinforcing your brand / corporate values and most of all engaging with your existing and potential future customers.

Lily Jones Social Media Consultants

For Lily Jones’ fanatical social media consultants managing social media is a way of life – it’s our work, our hobby and our passion which is why we spend huge chunks of our out-of-office time promoting our Clients products, services and companies.

Our social media management service is customised to reach your target audiences using the most appropriate social media platform for your brand, product or service; critically we reach and engage with them when they’re on-line … which means days, nights, weekdays, weekends … whatever it takes to meet our objectives.

Regarded by our Clients as an extension of their own teams, we pride ourselves on really getting under the skin of your business to deliver a fantastic social media management service; acquiring an insight, not just into what you do but how you do it, why do it, who you’re targeting, the features / benefits and the personality behind the brand, product or service.

So if you’re time limited and need a higher social media profile please contact us on 01704 898572 for more information about our social media management services and how we can deliver a fantastic return on your social media investment.