Cutting Corners in Small Business Marketing

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Social Media Marketing Services

When it comes to garnering attention for your small business marketing, you may think that you have to hand over a year’s financial earnings in advance to a marketing agent or various advertising websites in an effort to get your business noticed. While this is a great direction and we won’t discourage you from doing so –especially since it will get you attention- there are other options that will save you time and money.

Twitter Allows Users To Tag Photos

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Tag Photos

A new mobile update is due…. Twitter is getting more social savvy and is incorporating a new feature which let’s us tag people in photos! WoooHoooo not only this but also we’ll be able to add up to 4 photo’s per tweet!

This new Twitter update will allow us to tag up to 10 people in a photo, and guess what… tagging doesn’t affect your character count in the tweet! So we’ll be able to tag our friends (who’ll each get notification of the tag) and we’ll STILL have our precious 140 characters. If this isn’t exciting enough…. we can also add up to 4 photos per tweet! Adding 4 photo’s to a tweet will automatically create a collage, then we can tap on any photo to view in full, and swipe to see the rest.

Linked In School Training Courses

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Linked In School

Small businesses often work on tight budgets, which is why Linked In social media marketing training courses can prove extremely beneficial for them to enhance business growth. Enrolling for social media classes can help small business owners learn the art of forming valuable business relationships and developing their brand name. At a Linked In school, trainees learn to attract high quality clients and tap the potential of unexplored markets.  Social media marketing classes are aimed at helping entrepreneurs to optimize their profile and connect with investors. Professional Linked In school training courses help trainees learn the methods of capitalizing the connections offered by this social media website.

Twitter School Training Courses

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Twitter Training Courses

With social media increasingly playing a critical role in business promotion, the popularity of social media training schools has also risen significantly. The popularity of Twitter school training courses has focused countless entrepreneurs to train their employees at a reliable and reputable twitter school. The website has an impressive ability to connect businesses with consumers which is what makes twitter training courses extremely critical for successful marketing. Lily Jones social media agency is a reliable and trusted name in the UK for providing the best social media courses.