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Back In March 2012, Katie Givens (Part owner of Pandora’s Box) appealed to the community and businesses to come together and tackle the issue of our declining high street. The Portas Pilot high street grant came to her attention and she appealed to businesses and people of Ormskirk to apply, in a bid to secure the grant and breathe life back in Ormskirk. Many businesses and community groups felt strongly about the issues our high street is facing, and with this, ideas were generated and bid submitted. Unfortunately Love Ormskirk did not secure the grant (twice, as we applied a second time too!), however we carried on regardless as these issues could no longer be ignored. Find out more today.

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About Us

With new relationships being forged from our meetings and discussion groups we created our town team and this is how Love Ormskirk began. The team is made up of 7 directors who own local businesses, so we really understand what impact the economy and reducing footfall is having on our businesses and supported by the Council and creatives. Love Ormskirk is a limited non profit organisation and, since starting has received a grant of £30,000 from the high street innovation fund via our Council. We are also supported by our business members, paying a monthly subscription to assist in the contribution of Marketing, events, and advertising. Our other supporting groups and people include WLCVS, OCP, local Councillors, Rosie Cooper (our local MP), Edge Hill student Union, Edge Hill, the local community and the Ormskirk Street Pastors.

Love Ormskirk give the local community to opportunity to communicate their opinions related to high street in Ormskirk, to get involved and assist in making a difference.

We have formed a strong relationship with the council who strongly support the work that we do. Our aims and objective are to increase footfall into the town and entice new exciting business start ups to bring the buzz back to Ormskirk. Ultimately, we want to survive, stay strong, create a nicer environment in which to shop, make it easier to shop, live and work and bring the community closer and working in harmony.

We are always open to suggestions, so please email us with any suggestions or help you may have. We may not always get back to you, as we are super busy, but we value everyone’s opinion and really want to hear from you. If you are a business – take a leap of faith and join us. What have you got to lose? Subscription is just over £4 per week and is merely a contribution to help us help you!


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You can become part of the Love Ormskirk town team and help us with PR, marketing, tidying the town, website updating and design, social media and much more.

Feel free to email us using the form below, or get in touch with Love Ormskirk’s team leader Katie on or 01695 577881. She’s waiting to hear from you!