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LinkedIn School

Linked In SchoolLaunched in May 2003, LinkedIn is now the largest global professional social networks, with no less than 200 million members representing more than 200 countries.  As a networking platform for job seekers, employees and entrepreneurs it is no wonder that two new members are joining LinkedIn every second of every day across the world.

The content of this social media platform should not be underestimated in relation to business.  LinkedIn uses a wide range of tools to provide the facility to access reputable knowledge, skills and access to information and also people not readily available elsewhere.

People who use LinkedIn are often looking to find a job, search for suitable candidates to fill a post or to keep in touch with business acquaintances.  However, as part of every business social media strategy, when used effectively, LinkedIn should be utilised to develop your business network, demonstrate the value of your expertise and primarily “showcase” you and your company profile.

There are however, some disadvantages with participating with such a high level of business professionals and entrepreneurs and that is, how do you ensure that you stand out from the crowd?  That is where Lily Jones social media classes and LinkedIn School can help.

Lily Jones LinkedIn school will harness you with the tools to encompass all that this powerful professional social media network has to offer.  From developing the most appealing profile, getting connected with potential clients and demonstrating your expertise within your profession circle, the social media marketing expert’s at Lily Jones will soon have you hanging out with the top influencers such as Richard Branson and James Caan.  We will also teach you how to keep an eye on your competitors and identify who may be watching you!

If you feel that you and your business could benefit from being globally exposed to some of the biggest entrepreneurs, companies and professionals then contact us now.