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Linked In School Training Courses

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Linked In School

Small businesses often work on tight budgets, which is why Linked In social media marketing training courses can prove extremely beneficial for them to enhance business growth. Enrolling for social media classes can help small business owners learn the art of forming valuable business relationships and developing their brand name. At a Linked In school, trainees learn to attract high quality clients and tap the potential of unexplored markets.  Social media marketing classes are aimed at helping entrepreneurs to optimize their profile and connect with investors. Professional Linked In school training courses help trainees learn the methods of capitalizing the connections offered by this social media website.

Twitter School Training Courses

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Twitter Training Courses

With social media increasingly playing a critical role in business promotion, the popularity of social media training schools has also risen significantly. The popularity of Twitter school training courses has focused countless entrepreneurs to train their employees at a reliable and reputable twitter school. The website has an impressive ability to connect businesses with consumers which is what makes twitter training courses extremely critical for successful marketing. Lily Jones social media agency is a reliable and trusted name in the UK for providing the best social media courses.

Facebook School Training Classes

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Facebook Training Classes

Modern day entrepreneurs are well aware of the importance of social media marketing for business growth. That is why they choose to send their marketing teams to Social media classes to make them capable of developing an all-inclusive and profitable online business strategy. Facebook School training classes helps to fine tune the skills of these professionals in accordance with the business and social media needs. With the constantly changing an evolving Facebook strategies, social media marketing classes have become an absolute necessity. Facebook training classes help the marketing professionals to understand the most appropriate and effective methods of business promotion using Facebook.

Branding Does Not Stop At A Logo

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Bo Tree Marketing

You have a logo right? That’s it, your business identity is done … wrong!   It’s important to realise that your branding does not stop at a logo  – it permeates to every point at which a customer or potential customer comes into contact with your business or organisation, so that includes; the stationery that you use to send a quote or an invoice, the way you answer the phone, how you’re dressed when you visit a client or potential customer either at their home or office, your business card, your website and your social media marketing profiles and posts.

Happy Birthday Lily Jones

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Happy Birthday Lily Jones

This month Lily Jones Social Media Marketing is celebrating 2 years of business and in celebration we’ve developed our social media classes and launched our LinkedIn School.

Not only have we introduced a new social media course but our ‘Lily Loves Local’ team have also introduced Love Merseyside. We are very proud of what we have developed and achieved in the past 2 years with the Lily Loves Local team. We have introduced the listing’s for local businesses to utilise for a minimal admin charge and we have ambition to grow our networks in 2014 across the northwest!

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