HootSuite Setup

Social Media marketing is vital for all types of businesses. In order to invest the time,  and invest it efficiently ”Hootsuite is an essential tool for managing your social media channels. Hootsuite is a social media management dashboard to help  you save time and sanity. It is a one stop shop for managing all your social media accounts through, the use of hootsuite will improve your business productivity, It’s dashboard has been created and designed specifically for you and your team to listen, engage and measure all from the one simple interface.

Hootsuite Essentials

The Hootsuite setup comes highly recommended By the Lily Loves Local team! Without it they wouldn’t be able to utilise there time amongst all the local social media networks they manage. Whether you have the one business with multiple social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or you manage multiple businesses using multiple social media networks – Hootsuite will save you bags of time and energy so you can get on with the other important stuff you need to do!


Use Hootsuite’s Twitter integration and you’ll have all the tools you need to grow and engage your audience. Send and schedule tweets and listen using the search, list and keywords tracking streams, as well as monitor Mentions, DM’s Direct Messages, sent tweets, favourited tweets and much much more.



Use the Hootsuite setup to Post and schedule updates, add images, monitor feeds and more. Collaborate with your teams to manage complex campaigns – through Profiles, Pages, events, Groups.



Use the Hootsuite setup to engage with your connections, update your status and amplify recruitment efforts. You can also monitor industry conversations with Hootsuite.  It allows you to post directly onto your company pages, groups, profiles, and create job search streams.



Hootsuite’s Google+ pages integration allows you to use Hootsuite’s business – focused functionality for account management and publishing targeted messages to specific circles. Share, comment and +1′s on post’s, search public posts and see your recent user activity.



Use Hootsuite’s WordPress management to schedule and cross – post content to multiple WordPress accounts. The WordPress integration with Hootsuite also allows you to reblog posts and create a stream for viewing blogs you are following.


Free HootSuite Trial

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HootSuite - Social Media Management System