Finding Your Perfect Twitter Network Hour

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How do you get involved in Twitter Network Hours?

To find the networking hour you want to network within search for it in the search box. So if it’s #northwesthour type it into the search box; when the results display click on ‘All’ to see all the tweets from everyone else who is networking during the hour.

For your own tweets to be seen during the hour include the # and the name of the networking hour somewhere in your tweet, for example #northwesthour.

Choosing Your Twitter Network Hour

There’s networking hours throughout the day, into the evenings and even at weekends. Some are more established than others, some location specific, others profession specific. Here’s just a very small selection of the ones we participate in:

Monday:         8-9 pm           #cheshirehour

Tuesday:        8-9 pm            #merseybiz

Tuesday:        9-10 pm          #bnihour

Tuesday:        9-10 pm          #smallbizhour

Wednesday:  8-9 pm            #northwesthour

Thursday:      8-9 pm            #lancashirehour

Thursday:      8-9 pm            #liverpoolhour

Friday:          11am-12pm      #londonhour

Friday:            9-10 pm          #northwesthour

Most cities, towns and counties have a networking hour, so give it a search – you never know what you’ll find.

So are the networking hours a good and productive use of your time?

As a social media consultancy we find the networking hours astonishing, so much so that they’ve become a key part of our daily activity, for both Lily Jones and our plethora of Clients. If you asked us six months ago if we fancied some networking, we might have politely declined for a variety of reasons including time constraints and concern about a return on investment. Now we just can’t get enough and it’s a core part of our social media management strategies. Why? Well the #networking hours have grown our Client list for starters – yes that’s right, we have picked up new business and countless leads through participating and interacting in a number of the networking hours.We’ve grown our followers and met some absolute gems of companies, with whom we’re working closely on an on-going basis. In fact 4D Marketing and High Ranking Websites, whom we met on #northwesthour, have been instrumental in helping us create our own website.The networking hours most definitely work for Lily Jones and there’s no doubting that it can also do the same for your business as part of your social media strategy! So why not give it a try?If you’d like to know a little bit more about the networking hours and how to use them to generate profitable returns for your business then please give Lily Jones Social Media Agency a call on 01704 898572.