Cutting Corners in Small Business Marketing

Written by Justin Anderson on . Posted in Facebook Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Twitter Marketing

When it comes to garnering attention for your small business marketing, you may think that you have to hand over a year’s financial earnings in advance to a marketing agent or various advertising websites in an effort to get your business noticed. While this is a great direction and we won’t discourage you from doing so –especially since it will get you attention- there are other options that will save you time and money.

Social Media: Your New Best Friend 

Whether you have an established business that you are spending a substantial amount of money on advertising or just starting up, social media marketing is something that you should definitely exploit. Here are some reasons why social media should be part of every small business marketing plan:

  1. Free advertisement- Social media sites are free and advertising on them –via Facebook marketing pages/posts, tweets on Twitter, or Google+ shares- is also free. You do not have to pay to be on these websites which is great for people on a tight budget. Even if you have loads of money to spare, why not take advantage of something that is not going to cost you a dime?
  2. Everybody is on social media sites- Social media sites are great for networking. They are set up to connect you to your audience and you can reach a large amount of people in a relatively short amount of time; all with little effort on your end. Setting up a page on any social media website and putting it out there for the general public will take you way less than an hour –oftentimes only a few minutes- and the reward is immaculate!
  3. Social media sites are authority sites- Since these sites are considered authority sites by Google, you can expect your money site to rank pretty quickly. No more sitting around on page 9 hoping that potential customers find you! The more social media sites you post yourself on, the better since search engine spiders crawl these regularly and tend to rank things that show up.
  4. Networking capabilities- We briefly touched on networking in a previous tip. Sites like Twitter practically shove potential customers in your face and point them to your feeds. The more people that you follow and the more tweets you put out, the more likely they are to be seen; especially if people retweet them to their followers. This means you can put out a Twitter marketing advertisement and if five people following you share it with five more people who in turn share it with their five followers, you have just garnered a lot of attention with hardly any effort. In fact, it probably only took you two minutes to write and post the tweet!
  5. You are easier to find- Like we mentioned already, social media sites are authority sites. If you are listed on them, chances are if somebody is Google searching something relevant to your services, they will find you. This means that you do not have to hand over a lot of time –or cash- trying to help people find you!

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