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    Social Media Marketing

    Lily Jones specialises in social media marketing strategies designed to improve online branding, awareness and ROI.

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    Facebook Social Media Marketing

    Facebook & Social Media Marketing - Love it or hate it, social media marketing is here to stay. Let Lily Jones help you manage your social media strategy and engage with your customers.

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    Twitter Social Media Marketing

    Companies & brands using Twitter as part of their social media marketing are now enjoying new levels of insight and exposure. Get a free appraisal of how we can do the same for your business.

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    Social Media Training

    Lily Jones provide social media training courses for Facebook and Twitter marketing to companies, businesses and organisations across the UK.

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    Facebook School

    Our Facebook social media classes provide an insight into proven ways to market your business on social media sites such as Facebook.
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    Twitter School

    Twitter social media marketing is of
    increasing importance to most businesses
    and organisations wanting to grow. Our
    Twitter Social Media Courses cover the
    concepts & application of social media
    marketing into your online marketing
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    Social Media Blogs

    Looking for the best social media tips and advice? Check out our social media blogs for insights into effective social media marketing.

  • Social Media Marketing
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  • Social Media Training
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Get A Marketing Appraisal Today

Who We Are

Lily Jones are a specialist social media agency, working with brands to build, retain and monetise social communities. We also design and build social networks for clients. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

What We Do

We increase your Facebook fans and Twitter followers using our high quality social media marketing campaigns and strategies. We guarantee you will improve your online social media presence with our team of social media experts. We also provide social media workshops to help you engage with your customer base.

Get in Touch

Lily Jones social media consultants provide a great service for any business looking to engage in some social media marketing to grow their business.

Call us today on  01704 898 572. 


Lily Loves Local
  • Facebook Marketing


    Over 1.1bn users worldwide, more than 1 million business Pages and transcending all generations – that’s Facebook. In the past nine years, Facebook has become a key part of everyday life with huge appeal to companies marketing to both consumers and directly to other businesses.

    For an informal chat about how you can build your business using Facebook call us now on 01704 898572 or drop us an email and we’ll give you a call back.

  • Twitter


    Have you joined the other 550 million+ people around the world and entered the Twitter sphere yet? Whether it's for business or pure pleasure, Twitter keeps the world updated with your latest news and build relationships through online networking.

    For details of our #twitterschool and Twitter management services please give us a ring on 01704 898572 or drop us an email and we’ll give you a call back.

  • Google+


    With over 500 million registered users worldwide, 235 million of whom are active in a given month, and over 1 million business pages Google+ has quickly established itself as a platform that no social media consultancy or any business serious about social media can afford to ignore.

    To find out how to integrate Google+ into your social media strategy get in touch today on 01704 898572 or drop us an email and we’ll give you a call back. 

  • LinkedIn


    If you’re in business you really need to be LinkedIn. Without doubt the largest professional network in the world at the moment, LinkedIn has the potential to significantly expand networks, generate business leads, cultivate new and renew existing relationships.

    To find out how to get optimise your profile and start using LinkedIn to generate business call us now on 01704 898572 or drop us an email and we’ll give you a call back.

  • Pinterest


    No longer the new kid on the block within the world of social media, Pinterest is gathering pace with around 70 million users - both individuals and businesses around the world. Pinterest is visual social media, where images are posted or ‘pinned’ and are shared with other users. 

    So if you’d like to know more about pins, re-pins, pinboards and have a business, hobby or interest where all things visual matter, give Lily Jones a call on 01704 898572 or drop us an email and we’ll give you a call back.

  • You Tube

    You Tube

    Do you have videos, product / service infomercials or just humorous video footage of events you want to share with the world? With your own You Tube channel you can instantly connect with all your customers, suppliers and the wider world.

    With billions of users worldwide You Tube is excellent platform worth exploring and integrating into your own websites. As you’d expect from the dynamic team at Lily Jones, we help our clients unlock the vast potential of You Tube. To find out how call us now on 01704 898572 or drop us an email and we’ll give you a call back.

Social Media Marketing

How much do you really know about social media marketing? What could you achieve if you knew a little bit more, had a larger network of loyal followers, formed new relationships with customers and suppliers?

You won’t know until you ask the questions so pick up the phone and call Lily Jones on 01704 898572. We can show you how social media marketing can propel your business to a higher level through social interactions.


At Lily Jones our social media consultants work on social media, all day, every day. That’s all we do. We can show you how social media marketing can become a valuable tool in your communications arsenal and propel your business to the next level. We offer social media management training and social media management – giving you the skills and tools to create and deliver your own social media strategy with confidence or the reassurance of the social media experts at Lily Jones delivering it on your behalf.

Social Media Consultants

How you determine which social media consultant you can trust with you helping you to grow your social media marketing presence? For us it’s fairly simple.

At Lily Jones we get to know you, your company, brands, objectives first – then, and only then, do we devise and implement your social media strategy. For more information on our approach click through or give us a call on 01704 898572.


Look for a social media consultancy who invests time, at their cost, getting under the skin of your organisation; a company who understands your products / services in detail and is prepared to operate as an extension of your own business, live your brand and help to deliver your commercial objectives. If the very thought of that leaves them puzzled or perplexed then they’re not the right social media agency for you.

Social Media Agency

Looking for a social media agency you can trust? The first thing to say is that not all social media agencies are the same. Well, we say, thank goodness for that.

So, does size really matter? Do larger agencies deliver a better service? Our existing and growing Client base don’t think so. For more information on how our social media agency can help your business grow, give us a call on 01704 898572.


Some social media agencies are stand-alone, others offer social media training and social media management as part of a larger portfolio of services and some offer it and then sub it to other ‘partners’. At Lily Jones, we focus on social media training and social media management – it’s all we do. We could do other things as well (hey we’re ladies and we’re the mistresses of multi-tasking of course) but we think our Clients benefit from our focus purely on social media. If they do need other services, of course we have a trusted number of like-minded small businesses we work with closely and recommend when required.

With over 50 Clients using our social media management services we’re proof that small is indeed beautiful, cost effective and can deliver those key brand messages, drive awareness and cement a strong social media marketing presence.

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